Once you face it you can be free of it…

  • The dislike for your body

  • The mean-girl stories in your head

  • The limiting thoughts that hold you back

  • The painful experience

  • The thing you gave your power away to

as scary as it feels, you can change the game if you show up for yourself with courage.

But you’re worried about facing it.

Because there’ll be tears and pain and discomfort - RIGHT?

You’ll have to ask yourself : “Who am I without this?”

But you are SO MUCH MORE than the sh*t you’ve experienced.

Once you choose to face it, you’ll be FREE!

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to affect change in your life.

To recognise, remove & rebuild.

So that you are actually living a life you’re proud and passionate about.

One that includes…

Loving yourself and your body completely

🤸🏻‍♂️ Fun, play & pleasure as a daily ritual

🌸 Pushing yourself & achieving because you turned your “dreams” into goals

🔮 Attracting a flow of abundance (financial, health, joy, relationships)

One decision right now can change it all…

Are you ready to…

Experience unconditional love for yourself

Unapologetically dance through life as YOU (not the person your partner, parents, friends and society wants you to be)

Welcome moments of calm where intuitive conversation with yourself flows (daily!)

Ask & receive more of what you want

Live a life of overflowing joy, fulfilment & passion for each day

Be the QUEEN that you are!







Powerfully high vibe coaching designed for women ready to choose an empowering & confident life built from an unshakeable foundation of self acceptance.

Throughout our intimate and safe time together you’ll be supported with compassion, accountability and healing focused coaching.

You will release the fluff, the sh*t that’s not serving you.

And you’ll show up in your life as the person you’ve always longed to be.


Loving yourself is NOT a luxury.

It’s the necessity. The requirement. The bare bones basics.

Because when you take away all of the people you’re serving first, the job that you’re giving all your energy to and the “things” that surround you…

You’re left with YOU!

And in that honest silence and raw moment, all that’s left is worth and love for yourself.



6 x Confidence Calls

Over the 12 weeks of our time together we’ll catch up every two weeks for an intimate & deep dive 1:1 call. Each of our 1:1’s is held via Zoom video calling for a total of 45 minutes.

Video Call Recordings

After each of your Confidence Calls you will receive a recording for you to rewatch in your own time (as many times as you like), so that the breakthroughs you have will stay with you forever!

Notes & Action Steps

After every call, I hold you accountable. Documenting intentions and goals set, homework for your mind, body and soul AND giving you the list of action steps to take another step toward confidence and self-acceptance.

Custom Workbooks

These customised workbooks keep you high vibe and aligned to loving yourself! I pour my heart and soul into creating actionable workbooks that support you, push you and guide you through growth (even after the coaching ends).

Unlimited Voice Messaging Support

On the unexpected “bad” days, where everything seems like it’s going wrong, the anxiety takes over, or you just need a soul-sister for a good old brainstorm… I’m here. Send me a voice message via our WhatsApp thread and know that I’ll have your back within 24 hours or less!

2 x Custom Self-Love Tracks

This is YOUR journey. And it’s unique. To lead you through it you will received customised self-love audio tracks that keep you focused on the areas you set an intention to grow in. Earphones in & living your best life!

Free Membership Access

During our time together you’ll receive free access to my calm, confident and conscious community. The women within the membership have committed to growth, self-love and learning. Soak even more resources, masterclasses, meditations & like-minded sisters!


This coaching is for you if you’re ready to…


Adopt a Growth Mindset

It’s time to actively switch gears and learn why the fixed position you’re stuck in, is not sustainable or bringing you any fulfilment. One of the first steps to being a more confident woman is welcoming a growth mindset. This allows you to accept failures as lessons, prioritise learning and know that your beliefs about yourself are not unchangeable.


Overcome fear & anxiety

I compassionately coach you through healing and overcoming your fears and anxieties to ensure you feel freedom and confidence in your life. This coaching focuses on us diving deeper together with what is causing the fear or anxiety and healing it from there. You are safe with me.


Step into your confidence

You’ve had an image in your mind for a lifetime of the woman you wanted to be. Uncover the key strategy for letting go of judgement and opinions of others as well as allowing you to lead with intuition. You’ll be empowered by your decision to say no to things that don’t serve you and drain your energy and truly step into quality moments in your life that you’ll remember forever.


Master manifestation

A key component of mastering your mindset, building your confidence and attracting everything you’ve ever wanted is journaling and visualisation. During our time together, you’ll become a master at manifesting your truest desires.


Grow your social confidence

Sick of feeling awkward in social situations? Not sure how to make the right impression? You will adopt a new found knowledge of body language and use high energy and confidence levels to wow your social relationships.


Use affirmations and rituals to shift states

I don’t believe in positivity. It’s not sustainable, because I know you’ll have bad days. The trick is knowing what to do to get yourself out of these moments and back into your growth mindset, to catch yourself when you start falling into a negative pattern. During our time together you’ll adopt daily, weekly and moment-based rituals and affirmations to instantly shift your state.


Since working with Hannah I am in tune with my needs, my emotions and my confidence around my body image. I am feeling a lot more confident about getting out there and showing who I am and having my voice heard and taking up space! I am so grateful to have been able to work with Hannah, she is such a positive, nurturing, kind spirit. She is able to see things from a deeply insightful place and her strategies are very easy to put into place. I would highly recommend working with her, she’s amazing. I don’t know where I would be right now without having done that.
— Marielle Davis


Jenn Lewis

My Virtual Secretary

“Hannah has the most calming presence, her energy just invites you in and you can’t help but feel at ease.

I knew straight away Hannah would be the person to help me work on my mindset and confidence, by how she has been with own journey to where she is today.

I’m so excited to see where this program takes me, I’ve already started implementing what she’s taught me and can see the shift already.”


Daniella elias


“I genuinely could not recommend Hannah and her confidence coaching enough!

Her calming presence, knowledge on mindset and ability to guide people into a space they need to be in, is phenomenal!”



“Hannah has this calming, comforting and confident aura about her.

She’s able to dive deeper into a problem, or a situation and really help you get to the root of the problem. She supports you to remove any blocks, negative energy and things that are holding you back from achieving what you truly want.

Hannah comes from a place of passion and she truly cares about her clients.

Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to chase their passions but doesn’t have the confidence to do so.”

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Your spiritual soul sister. I’m roaming this world searching for the best almond chai latte and sun soaked beach.

At 10 years old I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, a condition that brought with it a lack of control and unwavering element of loneliness.

After healing my mind from 10+ years of emotional scarring, fear and anxiety I felt as if I’d discovered a type of magic no-one was talking about or daring to use.

So I jumped out of the shadows and into the light.

And guess what?

Abundance, confidence & a life I’ve always dreamed of followed me!




You’re ready to shift your vibration from chaotic to confident.

You know you’re ready for it. You’re sick of the chaos that surrounds you and are ready to do the work to achieve clarity and confidence in your life. Nothing is going to stop you!

You are interested in or open to adopting the power of manifestation and abundance.

You’ve been listening to podcasts, reading Insta posts and seeing these magical words pop up everywhere you go. You’re familiar with the concepts, but are missing the spiritual strategy to use them. You’re ready to find out how!

You’re hungry for growth and empowerment.

You are tired of the mundane and ready to shed your anxious, fearful skin. Imagining your new life is pushing you and you’re willing to work on yourself (past, present and future) to do so.



You are happy in your comfort zone.

You do you. Because if you’re content in your comfortability and not willing to challenge yourself and push for growth, this is not the coaching for you.

You think woo-woo/spirituality is BS.

You’re not a big believer in aligning to the universe’s power, you just want pages of detailed reports and strategies. We won’t be a good match.

You don’t want to do any work.

You’re looking for a coach who will wave a magic wand or fix it all for you. If you don’t want to commit to self development and challenging yourself, my confidence coaching isn’t right for you.


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“Hannah’s energy, her smile, her honesty & her genuine care for others is what makes her one-of-a-kind.

She’s one of those people who keeps you wanting more.

Whether you struggle with validation from others, healing your past traumas or just need a whole-hearted, compassionate coach to hold your hand on your personal development journey, I know Hannah is the one.



“I’m incredibly grateful to Hannah for helping me to work on my mindset.

Through her advice to journal and regularly listen to an abundance meditation, I have been able to refocus, and believe in myself and my abilities.

All of which has helped me to officially sign my first client.