You’re saying YES to everything but YOU!

You’re feeling stuck in perfectionism & setting unrealistic expectations.

Days are flashing by in a blur.

You keep meaning to put yourself first, practice self-care.. “but I just ran out of time & energy!”

But let’s be honest. every time an opportunity is presented for putting you first, you come up with an excuse or answer with fear.

You find a crappy reason that “the time isn’t right”.

I’ve been there beautiful.

I know the road of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and not loving myself well.

I will guide you to a life of

confidence & empowerment through self-love.

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A life that looks like…

✨ Manifesting exciting & passion filled opportunities EVERY week

💖 Strutting your stuff everywhere you go

✨ Attracting like-minded people & relationships that light you up

💖 Taking inspired action & achieving the epic goals you have

✨ Having an abundance of calm moments in your day

💖 Owning YOU & shining your light in social situations (no matter who’s around)

✨ Accepting, nurturing & loving your body

💖 Implementing a self-care practice with EASE!


Are you ready to…

Be the best you who wakes up feeling excited to start the day

Be the best you who has the energy to give fully to herself & her relationships

Be the best you who has the confidence to back herself & release the fear of judgment

Be the best you who knows with a shadow of a doubt that she was put her for a purpose







Connect to Confidence

AUD $188

Begin your journey to a life of confidence with this 90 minute intensive.

During our time together on the call you will experience a shift in your mindset.

This shift will take you from living out of alignment with your purpose & passions to taking inspired action.

I will lead you through confidence techniques & self-love practices bring acceptance & ease to your life.

You will be held in an intimate space of love and acceptance. This call is your gift to yourself.


Loving yourself is NOT a luxury.

It’s the necessity. The requirement. The bare bones basics.

Because when you take away all of the people you’re serving first, the job that you’re giving all your energy to and the “things” that surround you…

You’re left with YOU!

And in that honest silence and raw moment, all that’s left is worth and love for yourself.


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1:1 Coaching Session

An intimate 90 minute session focused on aligning to your purpose, confidence & self-love. Our call is held via Zoom video calling for a total of 90 minutes.

Video Call Recording

After the session you will receive a recording for you to rewatch in your own time (as many times as you like), so that the breakthroughs, lessons & empowerment you receive will stay with you forever!

5 Days of Voice Messaging Support

My support is deep, healing & high-vibe. After your call you will have 5 days of voice-messaging support to ask all the questions, stay in touch with relation to goals and intentions & just generally have a sister that’s there for you.

Notes & Action Steps

After your call, I hold you accountable. Documenting intentions and goals set, homework for your mind, body and soul AND giving you the list of action steps to take another step toward confidence and self-acceptance.

Oracle Reading with Lucinda Chave

A beautiful & warm light in this service is your oracle reading audio & files. Lucinda is a nurturing & safe soul - her highest priority to provide you clarity and guidance where you need it. This reading is facilitated energetically as we going through our 90 minute session. Your reading files will be received moments after our call ends for continual replay & revisiting.


Since working with Hannah I am in tune with my needs, my emotions and my confidence around my body image. I am feeling a lot more confident about getting out there and showing who I am and having my voice heard and taking up space! I am so grateful to have been able to work with Hannah, she is such a positive, nurturing, kind spirit. She is able to see things from a deeply insightful place and her strategies are very easy to put into place. I would highly recommend working with her, she’s amazing. I don’t know where I would be right now without having done that.
— Marielle Davis


Jenn Lewis

My Virtual Secretary

“Hannah has the most calming presence, her energy just invites you in and you can’t help but feel at ease.

I knew straight away Hannah would be the person to help me work on my mindset and confidence, by how she has been with own journey to where she is today.”


Daniella elias


“I genuinely could not recommend Hannah and her confidence coaching enough!

Her calming presence, knowledge on mindset and ability to guide people into a space they need to be in, is phenomenal!”



“Hannah has this calming, comforting and confident aura about her.

She’s able to dive deeper into a problem, or a situation and really help you get to the root of the problem. She supports you to remove any blocks, negative energy and things that are holding you back from achieving what you truly want.

Hannah comes from a place of passion and she truly cares about her clients.

Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to chase their passions but doesn’t have the confidence to do so.”



“Hannah’s energy, her smile, her honesty & her genuine care for others is what makes her one-of-a-kind.

She’s one of those people who keeps you wanting more.

Whether you struggle with validation from others, healing your past traumas or just need a whole-hearted, compassionate coach to hold your hand on your personal development journey, I know Hannah is the one.